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more tattoo artists need to just say “nah dude, i’m not doing that”

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Shane Burnell by Kyle Springate


Robert W. Chanler || Leopard and Deer
"The roar of the wind and the howl of the sea surrounded me, and I wept in the salt water, in the rainwater, my tears mingling with all of the water, water everywhere." - The Witch Sea by Sarah Diemer (via georgiapagan)

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Even horses love this fantastic book ♡ (I at least can’t help picking it up from time to time, reading certain poems that make me feel a certain way.. Thank you Lang Leav!)

This is just too perfect. Thank you wonderful xo Lang 
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King of the Tundra by Jack-13


why argue with carnists about veganism when you can get the same sensation by hitting your head against a brick wall

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“Watercolor” Tattoo.
I can just feel that this person is a dedicated artist. 
It’s so fucking beautiful and if you think it looks like a “mess” then…open your eyes.

Jesus fucking holy wow

reblogging again because I didn’t know it was a tattoo the first time. i REALLY like this idea
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How do you express that you don’t want your picture taken without causing a scene? Photographs give me anxiety and I HATE looking at myself in them. It makes me hate my body and self more than I already do. I wish people could just respect shrub someone says they don’t want their photograph taken.

Lol shrub. Can’t fix it on my phone without deleting the whole damn thing.

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